Vibration, dynamics and noise

formerly BETA Machinery Analysis and SVT Engineering Consultants


Improving the integrity, reliability and performance of piping systems, structures and rotating equipment

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About Us

Vibration, dynamics and noise (VDN) is a specialized engineering consultancy that helps you avoid vibration, reliability and noise problems.

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An Integrated Approach to Manage Vibration Risks

Easily avoid integrity risks that result from many different sources.

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Examples of Piping Vibration (Video)

Small-bore and mainline piping vibration: a common integrity issue for owners.

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Small-Bore Connections (SBC) Assessment
Small Bore Connection (SBC) Vibration Analysis

for all machinery types and applications

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Pulsation & Mechanical Analysis: Reciprocating Compressor
Reciprocating Compressor station - API 618 Pulsation & Mechanical Analysis

This analysis includes a pulsation study, a mechanical review, mechanical frequency avoidance analysis, and, when required, a forced response analysis (per API 618, API RP 688 and GMRC High Speed Compressor Guideline).

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DamperX™ Vibration Clamps, Braces, Supports

Damping products to reduce vibration (superior performance for demanding applications)

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Troubleshooting, Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
Troubleshooting compressor

Advanced vibration analysis including pulsation, resonance, stress and transients

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Acoustic Fatigue Assessment for Blowdown Systems

API Std 521 for pressure relief and blowdown valves

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Subsea Piping Vibration

For new and existing systems

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Happy customers

Wood Group works hard to earn the trust of the people we work for.

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We are proud to support our clients around the world with vibration analysis consulting, troubleshooting, and condition monitoring services.

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See what's shaking at VDN

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Flow-Induced Vibration (FIV) Analysis
Piping dead leg branch causing vortex shedding - Flow-Induced Vibration (FIV)

Design Analysis and Field Troubleshooting

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