Compressor Modifications

Reciprocating compressors are often modified to support changes in flow (capacity), new gas streams or other operating requirements.

The pulsation solution may be compromised (or become totally ineffective) if any of these parameters change significantly from the original design study:

  • suction/discharge pressure
  • temperature or specific gravity of the gas
  • different staging (e.g., from 2 to 3 stage design)
  • different operating speed(s)
  • different flow or capacity

Our engineers are often involved as a member of your team.  We provide independent advice to help:

  • identify performance improvements
  • provide optimization support if needed (provide load curves, and assess the optimal configuration)
  • practical ideas to reduce project costs


Compressor modifications can result in pulsation changes


Altering compressor set up due to new operating conditions

 New operating requirements result in compressor modifications to avoid vibration problems

The following tasks may be necessary to avoid costly surprises (including unplanned shutdowns, or expensive field repairs):

  • field review to recommend changes to mechanical system (supports, clamps, skid, etc.)
  • pulsation study to identify new pulsation solution
  • baseline vibration survey during start-up
  • foundation/structural review to avoid resonance



BETA Advantages

  • Practical experience from 1000’s of sites
  • Integrated support (field, design and optimization). Few vendors can offer a fully integrated solution
  • Responsive customer service