Design Approach 1 (per API 618, 5th edition)

Bottle Sizing Service

NEW! BETA Solutions web site. offers useful tools for your design and troubleshooting concerns. For example, Pulsation Bottle Sizing. Currently, Level 1 of this service is active and new tools are being tested and added, like Level 2, the mini pulsation study for bottles (Damper Check). Check it out!

Beta's Rapid Bottle Sizing in 1-2 days  Beta's Rapid Bottle Sizing in 1-2 days

Beta's rapid bottle sizing in 1-2 days

For most projects, BETA's bottle modeling software gives recommendations within 24-48 hours. These vessels have a long lead time, so ordering them in advance improves the fabrication cycle time for the owner and packager.

Compressor OEMs and packagers often require expedited pulsation bottle sizing. Early bottle recommendations allows for fast turnaround in the fabrication of new or retrofit compressor packages.

BETA’s “Rapid Bottle Sizing” service is designed to support this manufacturing requirement. Recommended “shell and end” dimensions are typically available within 24 to 48 hours.

Final adjustments to the pulsation control solution can be easily accommodated once the pulsation study is completed.

This work can be a standalone Design Approach 1 project (DA1 per API 618) or as the initial step of a pulsation analysis project (Bottle or Damper Check per DA2 or DA3).



Packagers suppliy information to BETA (performance runs, P&IDs, and approximate location of scrubbers). 

BETA provides recommended sizes within 1-2 working days based on a complex analysis algorithm (developed from BETA’s experience of more than 10,000 compressor units).

Some complex projects require a full pulsation analysis prior to finalizing bottle sizing unless a very conservative pulsation design (for example, very large bottles and secondary volumes) is desired.

Complex projects - including pipeline applications or storage and injection applications with many load steps, large units (>750 HP/throw), or high pressure compressors (>2500 psig) units - are not good candidates for Rapid Bottle Sizing. 

Customer Benefits

  • Faster manufacturing/fabrication cycle time
  • Minimize redesign
  • Receive sound and timely advice
  • Responsive support

Tips for Improved Compressor Designs
If clearly specified in the study parameters, rapid bottle sizing can typically be part of an API 618 (5th Edition) DA2 or DA3 study.

Early collaboration with BETA’s analysts results in fewer design iterations and a shorter design cycle.