intelligent Machinery Analysis (iMA)

M2M Data Corporation (M2M) and Beta Machinery Analysis (BETA) have teamed up to provide iMA™, the most cost effective real-time monitoring, predictive maintenance, and optimization solution available.

M2M is the leading provider of outsourced SCADA and remote monitoring solutions for oil, gas, and electric energy markets. The Company manages over 8000 compressors and 500,000 data points for customers’ assets around the world.

BETA and M2M partnered to develop and provide intelligent Machinery Analysis (iMA™). This condition based monitoring service is aimed at improving availability and production throughput, compressor optimization, and fleet management; and reduced equipment downtime and maintenance costs.

The service is ideal for operators with reciprocating or screw compressor assets.

What’s In It For You

  • We remotely diagnose a problem before it results in costly, unplanned downtime.
  • With a diagnosis in hand you can dispatch the right resources to fix the problem, avoiding precious time and maintenance costs.
  • Asset management, including iMA™ recommendations, improve operational efficiency and throughput.
  • You save money by outsourcing the detailed machinery analysis. 
  • You generate higher profits and can focus on your business.

How it Works
BETA continuously tracks your equipment and ensures it is functioning normally. Advanced performance algorithms identify subtle changes – much earlier than by conventional means. Whenever a data point fluctuates outside the acceptable range, the status changes and alerts are triggered. Our machinery analysis helps you address the problem and improve the reliability of your equipment.

Three service levels of iMA are available. Our professional staff work with you to find the service that best suits your needs.


iMA Service


This on-line, real-time performance monitoring and machinery expert consultation includes these features:

  • Trend and alarm each unit’s condition, with ability to quickly drill down to see and correct problems.
  • Display many advanced diagnostics such as rod loading, valve failure detection, volumetric efficiencies, EGT spread, and many other important machinery health indicators.
  • Machinery experts provide recommendations to help your team achieve high availability.
  • Access fleet management reports and queries, predictive maintenance, optimization recommendations, load curve generation, and consulting on performance, optimization, and reliability issues.

 intelligent Machine Analysis sample report

 Online Alarming Prevents Unplanned Downtime (example: Discharge Temperature Deviation identifies valve prolem)

Donald Wallace, M2M Data Corporation’s CEO, said, “We are very pleased to work with Beta Machinery Analysis, the proven industry leader, to provide this new service to our customers. This service gives additional value to our customers – provided at breakthrough pricing.”
 Optional Features
If the three levels of iMA service aren’t enough to meet your needs, we offer additional services to satisfy your machinery analysis requirements, including:
  • Optimize Compressor Load Curves - Pricing varies depending on the number of operating points.
  • Vibration and Lube Oil Analysis - Remote vibration analysis using spectrum analysis and review of lube oil analysis reports. This customized program is tailored to your requirements.
  • Reliability and Maintenance Management Consulting - Expert consulting advice to review your in-house reliability, maintenance, and monitoring program(s). Recommendations and implementation support are available.
  •  Equipment Troubleshooting Service - Machinery experts assist in condition assessment, vibration and pulsation analysis, skid and foundation assessments, failure analysis, and other troubleshooting tasks.
  • Training and Support - Free training tools (case studies, articles, and DVD training modules) available from the Knowledge Center. Seminars are also provided in troubleshooting, monitoring, optimization, and compressor design.

More Information

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