Vibration, dynamics and noise

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Refineries, PetroChem Plants

Uptime is critical, but not easy to achieve.

Specialized engineering skills are needed to design piping systems that avoid vibration-induced failures. Rotating machinery also requires advanced engineering analysis to avoid pulsations, resonance, and other vibration problems.

These engineering services apply to greenfield facilities and also when modifying an existing compressor, pump, or the piping system.


This video illustrates one of the most common integrity failures facing refinery owners. Watch
BETA has unique capabilities to identify and resolve these issues. 
SBC Assessment

Example: Specialty Gases Create Pulsation Challenges

This article illustrates the challenges involved in accurately designing compressors to handle ethane and ethylene gases. BETA has the deep experience with refinery applications, including surge control, transients, compressor modifications, and troubleshooting. READ MORE (pdf)


Piping Vibration and Integrity Assessment
Piping Vibration and Integrity Assessment (per EI Guidelines for the avoidance of vibration induced fatigue failure)

Piping vibration analysis per EI 2008 Guidelines for the avoidance of vibration induced fatigue failure (AVIFF).

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Pulsation & Mechanical Analysis: Reciprocating Compressor
Reciprocating Compressor station - API 618 Pulsation & Mechanical Analysis

This analysis includes a pulsation study, a mechanical review, mechanical frequency avoidance analysis, and, when required, a forced response analysis (per API 618, API RP 688 and GMRC High Speed Compressor Guideline).

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Troubleshooting, Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
Troubleshooting compressor

Advanced vibration analysis including pulsation, resonance, stress and transients

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Small-Bore Connections (SBC) Assessment
Small Bore Connection (SBC) Vibration Analysis

for all machinery types and applications

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Foundation Design and Dynamic Analysis
Foundation Design and Dynamic Analysis - cracked foundation

Including Concrete, Gravel, and Piles

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CL Vibration Clamps for General Purposes
Pipe clamps that reduce vibration buy online

Field-proven designs for compressors, pumps and related piping systems

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Examples of Piping Vibration (Video)

Small-bore and mainline piping vibration: a common integrity issue for owners.

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Review & Design Support Services
Vibration Review and Design Support Services - Piping at compressor station

Vibration and Integrity Review; FEED, Project Planning

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