Research and Development

BETA makes a significant investment in software programs, equipment, and training to improve its core services. The following are active R&D areas.

Mechanical Acoustical Package (MAPAKTM )
BETA led the industry in vibration analysis and pulsation control in piping systems and developed North America’s first digital simulation program (1973).

In 1998 we introduced a major upgrade to pulsation analysis by the development of our non-linear Time Domain algorithm. The Time Domain Solver™ is used in pulsation (acoustic) analysis and in the analysis of transient events. This proprietary software package offers more accurate acoustical analysis when compared to commercially available programs.

Some of the features of this program include

  • Analysis of unlimited number of nodes and operating conditions
  • Accurate static and dynamic pressure drop
  • Superior accuracy at high frequency
  • Expanded meter error analysis
  • Refined compressor bottle sizing programs
  • Increased accuracy for high pressure gas, low compression ratio, or large cylinder bore systems


  • DataMinerTM tools to increase the speed of analysis and improve the report results
  • Predicted pulsation effect on compressor performance
  • Compliance to API 618, 5th edition guidelines
  • Time domain modeling enhancements
  • Techniques to test the sensitivity of on skid piping to various configurations of off-skid piping. Very useful when off-skid piping details are unknown.
  • Total pressure drop and power loss across entire system (cooler, piping, vessel, etc.) and at all operating conditions
  • Improved accuracy of dual nozzle cylinder gas passages
  • Pipeline station evaluation (Multi-unit compressor evaluation)
  • Analysis of semi-active valve unloader
  • Transient event analysis for piping systems

Mechanical Vibration Modeling For High Speed Compressors
BETA has ongoing projects to improve the mechanical and vibration solutions for high speed compressors. R&D includes

  • New approaches for accurate Finite Element (FE) modeling
  • Compressor frame assessment using “super element” models
  • Damping of mechanical systems

FE models are field tested
Field Testing to Confirm Accuracy of Software Models

  • Improved solutions for variable speed units (engines or VFDs)
  • New “forced response” techniques for high speed units

Monitoring of Rotating Assets
Since 1989, BETA has developed monitoring solutions for rotating equipment, including performance, vibration and condition assessments. for turbines, centrifugal, screw, reciprocating compressors, engines, and pumps. As result of these innovations, BETA has developed new cost-effective monitoring programs for

  • Offshore production platforms and FPSOs
  • Large fleets of reciprocating compressors
  • Other remote sites employing rotating equipment.

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