Vibration, dynamics and noise

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Vibration screening and assessment tools

An innovative way to make the vibration risks in your piping systems more visible.

Veridian is a comprehensive set of integrated assessment tools and services that help you manage piping integrity threats caused by vibration.

Developed by co-authors of the Energy Institute’s AVIFF Guideline (the global standard for piping vibration) and extensively field-tested, Veridian provides you with a quick and easy way to identify high-risk locations, track anomalies, determine associated remedial actions and accelerate detailed simulation and analysis of various operating scenarios.

Veridian VS

Veridian AM

Veridian VS vibration screening tool Veridian AM anomaly manager

Vibration screening

Anomaly management

  • Available for you to use for free
  • Web-based, easy to use
  • Secure and consistent method
  • Track and resolve vibration risks
  • Store field measurements
  • We manage the data for you

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Technical papers:

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Vibration-Induced Fatigue – A Risk-Based Approach
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