BETA is an expert in condition monitoring. We have two services to help improve the reliability, and reduce maintenance costs, of rotating and reciprocating machines. This means higher profits and less "fire fighting" to fix problems. Call us for advice on how to implement the right program.

Monitoring solutions have evolved significantly in the past few years. BETA has developed cost effective and responsive approaches to identify the health of your machines, and find ways to optimize their operation.

We include performance monitoring, vibration analysis, lube oil, condition monitoring and other technologies. We distill the data down to specific, actionable, recommendations.

By working with your maintenance, rotating engineers, and operations staff, an effective program will deliver superior results including reduced unplanned downtime, lower maintenance costs and improve production.

Condition monitoring on offshore platform

Monitor, Analyze, Optimize

  • Ideal for centrifugal compressors,reciprocating machines, and other assets.
  • Customized program to support for PdM and CBM programs.
  • Performance monitoring, vibration analysis, lube oil, etc.
  • Online reporting to track machine health and improvement opportunities.
  • BETA's machinery analysis actively involved in supporting your staff.
  • Optimization services including evaluating load curves, performance assessments, and troubleshooting.

iMATM (intelligent Machinery Analysis)

  • iMA is an online compressor diagnosis service provided by M2M Data Corporation. 
  • Data is automatically tracked every few minutes using M2M's iServices.
  • BETA's expert analysis and performance monitoring tools are used to identify problems.
  • Ideal for large fleets of compressor assets (rental, owned)
  • Automatic alarming to enable fast response and avoid unplanned downtime.