Application Support and Design Tips

for Reciprocating Compressors

Application Support

It's easy to get confused with the jargon, misinformation and loosely-used terms that abound in the industry. Based on the issues that come up most frequently, BETA compiled the following list of resources. We hope this is helpful.

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pulsation and vibration studies

> New 5th Edition of API 618 for Pulsation and Vibration Studies
What is new? How does it affect your project? Why is it the standard for pulsation/vibration studies?


> What Scope is Recommended for a Vibration Study?
A fast way to assess your compressor application.


> Online Training
Also available on DVD (Contact Us), illustrates pulsations, dynamic forces, resonance, and unbalanced forces on piping system.


> Application Note 1a for Other Studies
Besides pulsation and vibration control (mechanical design), API 618 also addresses torsional vibration, dynamic skid design, piping system flexibility (thermal), and foundation design.


> Bottle Sizing in One Day
BETA's service to speed up the fabrication process.


>Tips for a Successful Project
Ideas to save you time, money, and improve machinery reliability.


> Specification for Reciprocating Compressors - Vibration Study
What to include in compressor specs to ensure an acceptable vibration study per API 618.


> Dynamic Pressure Drop
How does this affect your design, compressor performance, and more?


> Variable Speeds (Engine or VFD)
How this affects vibration on your compressor

> Structural Dynamics - Platforms and FPSOs
Offshore Applications


 > Guidelines, Calculators, Converters
Interactive and convenient tools.

> Dynamic Analysis of Recip Compressors on FPSO Topside Modules
Unique design considerations for compressors mounted on platforms or FPSOs


 > DataMiner2
Goal: ensure the compressor meets the required capacity and pressures.

> Other Application Notes
More tips for improved designs.


> Assess Compressor Risk in 5 Minutes


> Are You Paying TOO Much for Your Skid, Bottles, etc.?
The hidden costs that can eat your lunch.


> Two Kinds of Pulsation Studies
It's important to be aware of the differences to compare apples to apples.

> Glossary of Terms