Remote Vibration Data Analysis

In many cases, it may not be feasible (or cost-effective) to send a BETA field engineer to the site, especially if the equipment is in a remote location.

An easy solution is to have the customer email vibration data to BETA for analysis. We can help the locally based operator or maintenance staff to collect the required data.

BETA will identify locations where testing should be done, and if required, can provide basic test equipment. We will evaluate the results and discuss options with the customers.


  • Contact BETA to review situation and discuss project scope.
  • Establish budget and authorize project (initial purchase order for office support)
  • Arrange for data collection equipment (rented locally, or from BETA)
  • Define measurement locations and test plan
  • Customers collect and send vibration, operation and performance data to BETA for review and analysis
  • Analysts work collaboratively with customer to assess problems, and recommend next steps


Analyzing vibration data remotelyVibration data
Remote vibration data analysis can be an effective way to help diagnose problems




BETA Advantages

  • Proven methodology
  • Fast and cost-effective support
  • Prompt follow-up field service as required
  • Training and support infrastructure in place
  • This service applies to any reciprocating or rotating equipment – anywhere in the world.

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Representative Examples

  • Siberia
  • Indonesia
  • Northern Canada (Nunavut): Analysis and troubleshooting support
  • South America
  • Poland
  • US locations