Field Services

Contact BETA's field staff if you have vibration problems and performance issues with your compression equipment. Our specialists will visit your site and perform start-up checks, performance assessments, troubleshooting, vibration surveys, and failure analysis.

Many field troubleshooting jobs involve 1 to 2 days at site to resolve a vibration or performance problem.

Other projects involve more comprehensive support in upgrading or modifying an asset. This may involve assessment of the foundation, skid, piping system, compressors, engines or pumps. We work closely with the end user to ensure reliable and practical solutions. Examples include offshore production platforms, gas plants, pipelines, paper mills, and water treatment facilities.

Over 40 years field troubleshooting experience

BETA advantages include:

  • Audited safety program meets global standards. This focus on safety is a significant advantage and benefit to our customers.
  • Expert staff with unique troubleshooting skills.
  • Global support, with offices in the USA, Canada, Asia and regular coverage in other areas.
  • Specialized software analysis tools provide fast and comprehensive results.
  • Equipment calibration and testing. Most competitors lack the resources for calibration of pulsation and vibration instrumentation.
  • Track record in providing multi-year vibration contracts for owners.

> Design and Field Engineering Services pdf


Vibration and Pulsation Check

  • Assess vibration across speed range
  • Compressors, pumps, motors, piping, skids or foundations
  • Applicable for start-up, annual surveys, problem solving



Performance and Condition Assessment

  • Reciprocating compressors, pumps, and engines
  • Turbo machinery (centrifugal compressors, turbines, fans, and other rotating equipment)
  • Motors, pumps, generators, and more
  • Reciprocating compressors, pumps, and engines



Troubleshooting and Failure Analysis

  • Offshore production facilities (platforms, FPSOs)
  • Compressor and pump stations
  • Refineries, air separation facilities
  • Water treatment facilities
  • Paper mills 

Small Bore Piping

  • Risk assessment and screening program

Remote Vibration Data Analysis

Cost-effective service to determine magnitude and cause of vibration problems not repeatable on a short term basis



Torsional Vibration Measurements

Avoid drive-train related failures by assessing vibration and stress on the drive-train



Foundation and Structural Assessment

  • Determine if resonance and vibration mitigation is required
  • Applicable for new or existing facilities

Vibration Acceptance Testing

  • Assess vibration levels on new equipment
  • Confirm that vibration meets acceptable guideline or OEM specifications.