Vibration, dynamics and noise

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Shake, rattle and grow – empirical data on the effectiveness of vibration supports

Technical paper – GMRC Gas Machinery Conference 2019

Torsional failure

Pipe support performance test results

Piping systems under high vibratory loads often require supports that can control vibrations while also allowing thermal expansion and contraction. Vibration service requires high stiffness, whereas thermal stress requires low stiffness. These two competing requirements can be challenging to manage, and there are few solutions on the market that can effectively accommodate both criteria.

This paper introduces a test procedure to help industry evaluate the suitability of different pipe support types to determine the effectiveness of a support in accommodating both vibration and pipe stress considerations.

The procedure is then applied to compare different pipe support options used in typical piping system designs. With a combination of empirical lab testing and analytical finite element analysis, each support is evaluated on its merits. Tabulated results are presented to provide piping designers and engineers with the information they need to make informed design decisions when working with piping systems in vibratory service.

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