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API 618 Guideline Calculator

How does this industry standard apply to your compressor?


  • Determine the guideline pressure drop and pressure pulsation levels
  • Reference: API standard 618 Fourth edition, section 3.9.2 "Design Approaches"


  • Enter the operating speed of the compressor
  • Enter the suction and discharge pressures for each stage
  • Press the "API 618 guidelines" button


  • Atmospheric pressure is assumed to be 14.0 psi
  • The systems do not have an integral separator
  • In some cases compressor performance is not adversely impacted if the pressure drop from one system is over guideline provided other systems are sufficiently below guideline to compensate.

Disclaimer: All calculations provided at the BETA Machinery Analysis web site are intended for educational use only.

Compressor Specs

System Pressure (psig) Pipe ID (inches)
Stage 1 Suction
Stage 1 Discharge
Stage 2 Suction
Stage 2 Discharge
Stage 3 Suction
Stage 3 Discharge
Stage 4 Suction
Stage 4 Discharge


Allowable ΔPAllowable Pulsation (psi p-p)
(psi / %line)1X2X3X4X

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