Vibration, dynamics and noise

formerly BETA Machinery Analysis and SVT Engineering Consultants


Wood’s line of anti-vibration products provide unique solutions to the most-challenging piping fatigue risks and vibration problems.

Whether DamperX™ high damping, or ThermaGlide™ , allowing for thermal growth, Wood’s anti-vibration clamps, braces and absorbers will help reduce risk in your facility.

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Anti-Vibration Clamps, incl. DamperX™ and ThermaGlide™

Field-proven designs to control vibration and allow thermal growth in piping systems

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Anti-Vibration Wedge Clamps

Clamps with superior vibration, installation and corrosion control

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DamperX™ Fins for Small-Bore Attachments

Gusset plates to absorb excessive vibrations

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DamperX™ Technology

Vibration-damping pipe clamps, braces and supports

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Vibration Absorbers

Proven to reduce resonant vibration

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