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Vibration Absorbers

Proven to reduce vibration problems.

In conjunction with the Gas Machinery Research Council (GMRC), Wood Group (formerly BETA) has developed, tested and proven the Damped Vibration Absorber (DVA) to reduce vibration problems.

This rugged absorber is ideal for existing compressors, pumps, or piping systems experiencing high vibration due to resonance. It can also be installed at the design and construction stage to avoid a known resonance problem.

How to Order

For more information and to order, email us today or call (+1) 403-245-5666.

For specifications and model numbers, download the cut sheet


The Damped Vibration Absorber (DVA) can be applied to vessels, piping, and other locations that are resonant.  For reciprocating compressor packages, a common application is near the top of resonant scrubbers or piping near coolers or PSVs. 

As the name implies, the DVA absorbs vibration using a tuned mass/spring configuration. The unit won’t fail from excessive vibration, nor will it need any maintenance. It can be installed “hot,” an important advantage for many operators. 

The DVA is mounted in place:

  • With a band clamp (supplied as standard)
  • Attached to mounting tabs on equipment
  • By a magnetic mount for temporary testing applications

How it Works

Vibration Absorber being tested

Although new to the market, the Vibration Absorber is based on well-known physics. It has been developed in conjunction with a reputable partner (GMRC) and has been built, tested, and proven to work.

At resonance, the DVA will cut vibration to lower levels. In many cases, the vibration amplitudes are reduced by 50%. The goal of the device is to reduce vibration to acceptable levels – not entirely eliminate vibration.

The unique feature behind the DVA is that it has an extremely long life and will not fail due to excessive vibration. The design has no stress concentrations; this ensures a reliable, long lasting solution to heavy duty industrial applications.

The vibration absorber unit is tuned to the target frequency – to achieve maximum performance.

By comparison to other vibration solutions, the total cost of applying the DVA is small. No modifications are needed to the piping, vessel, or skid. No supports are required. The unit can be installed quickly in minutes, with no special tools or equipment.

Summary of Advantages

  • No braces or supports required
  • Can be installed “hot” – avoiding the need for equipment shutdowns.
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to size the unit. For application assistance, contact us
  • No maintenance is required.
  • Wood Group can provide troubleshooting field support to apply the DVA  and address other vibration problems
  • Cost-effective, simple design
  • Can be used on wide variety of piping systems and vessels
  • Ideal solution to address vibration caused by resonance
  • Field adjustable to the desired frequency
  • Long life expectancy
  • Won’t fail from excessive vibration
  • Ideal for fixed or narrow speed ranges
  • Can be applied to wider speed ranges but some limitations may apply
How to Order

For more information and to order, email us today or call (+1) 403 245 5666.

For specifications and model numbers, download the cut sheet

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