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Recommended Guidelines and References

The following guidelines and references are sources of valuable information that those working with new compressor, pump, and piping systems and also design changes to existing systems need to be aware of.

1 Gas Machinery Research Council (GMRC)

The GMRC is the leading US organization involved in gas machinery industry. In addition to research, training, and conferences, the GMRC has developed many guidelines for reciprocating and centrifugal compressor systems.

The GMRC Guideline for High Speed Reciprocating Compressor Packages is recommended reading for those interested in design and procurement for these systems. Other guidelines and technical articles are available for both centrifugal and reciprocating machines. 

BETA is a regular contractor for the GMRC and is involved in many different research programs and training. 

2 The American Petroleum Institute (API)

API 688, 618, and 674: Pulsation and Vibration Control

API RP 688, Pulsation and Vibration Control in Positive Displacement Machinery Systems for Petroleum, Petrochemical, and Natural Gas Industry Services, is currently available as a Recommended Practice (RP). The fundamentals of pulsation and piping system vibration analysis are presented, including theoretical basis, modeling techniques, and field testing. 

The second edition of API 688 is being written as a normative standard to be published in early 2016. API 688 will address the major aspects of pulsation and vibration analysis currently contained in API 618 (reciprocating compressors) and API 674 (positive displacement pumps). API 688 will also include requirements and design approaches for screw compressors and screw pumps. In the future, pulsation and vibration specifications will be based on API 688, and this content will be removed from API 618, 619, 675, 675, and 676.

BETA is a leading contributor to API committees relating to pulsation and vibration.

3 European Forum for Reciprocating Compressors (EFRC)

The EFRC also conducts research and has related technical articles.
BETA is regular attendee and participant in the EFRC. 


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