Vibration, dynamics and noise

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Noise management

Helping you manage noise risk; ensuring health, safety and environmental compliance

There are two types of noise issues that require engineering support:

  1. Excessive environmental noise is a cause of annoyance and a concern for public and environmental health, which is recognised in regulatory noise limits for industrial facilities.
  2. Occupational exposure to noise is one of the most endemic vectors for avoidable occupational hearing loss.

Our world-class noise design and troubleshooting specialists assist our customers in understanding and managing noise risks.

Our services include:

  • Noise predictions and modelling to assess environmental and occupational risk
  • Noise surveys, measurement and monitoring to quantify levels, performance and compliance of operations
  • Engineering, detailed design and ALARP analysis ('as low as reasonably practicable') of noise controls and management solutions

We assess the effects of noise in varied contexts from project conception through to decommissioning; to assist our customers with the management of health and safety, workforce and community relations, environmental approvals and regulatory compliance.

Noise services overview (PDF)

Noise Design Studies

Noise control and acoustical design

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Environmental Noise Impact Assessment

Environmental noise approval support

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Occupational Noise Management

Health & safety noise compliance, strategic exposure elimination and reduction

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Noise Troubleshooting

Noise mitigation

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Underwater Noise Monitoring and Assessment

Offshore, port and subsea noise management

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