Vibration, dynamics and noise

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Maximum Recommended Support Spacing

Support spacing and stiffness for vibratory service


  • This table provides the maximum sleeper spacing for straight runs of steel pipe for a double-acting reciprocating compressor operating at the specified speed
  • The lateral mechanical natural frequency for the specified sleeper spacing is also calculated


  • Enter the operating speed of the compressor
  • Press the "SLEEPER SPACING" button


  • Additional supports will be required near elbows, flange sets, valves, etc.
  • Note that support spacing is based on the assumption that supports are rigid; since elevated pipe supports generally are not rigid, the support spacing must be reduced for installations using elevated supports.
  • These guidelines are most applicable in the immediate compressor area

Disclaimer: All calculations provided on this website are intended for educational use only.



Lateral mechanical natural frequency:

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