Vibration, Dynamics & Noise

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Piping System

Vibration and Stress

Vibration-induced fatigue, pipe stress, transient events, and small-bore connections are high-risk areas requiring Wood Group's engineering support.

Piping Vibration Risks and Design Considerations

New vibration requirements for blowdown systems: Acoustic Fatigue
Overview: Static vs dynamic design requirements (pdf)
Summary: Piping vibration risk management (pdf)
Why include vibration-induced fatigue in my Asset Integrity Management (AIM) program? READ MORE (PDF)

Piping Vibration Examples

Short video: examples of piping vibration, poor supports, and small-bore connection problems. Watch
Examples of various piping vibration problems. Advanced vibration analysis is required to solve these dynamic issues. Read more


Acoustic Fatigue Assessment for Blowdown Systems

API Std 521 for pressure relief and blowdown valves

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Piping Vibration and Integrity Assessment
Piping Vibration and Integrity Assessment (per EI Guidelines for the avoidance of vibration induced fatigue failure)

Piping vibration analysis per EI 2008 Guidelines for the avoidance of vibration induced fatigue failure (AVIFF).

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Pipe Stress Analysis
Pipe Stress Analysis (Thermal Analysis, Flexibility)

(Thermal Analysis, Piping Flexibility Analysis)

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Small-Bore Connections (SBC) Assessment
Small Bore Connection (SBC) Vibration Analysis

for all machinery types and applications

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Troubleshooting, Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
Troubleshooting compressor

Advanced vibration analysis including pulsation, resonance, stress and transients

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Water Hammer Analysis
Water Hammer Analysis - Transient Analysis for Liquid Systems

Transient Analysis for Liquid Systems

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Flow-Induced Vibration (FIV) Analysis
Piping dead leg branch causing vortex shedding - Flow-Induced Vibration (FIV)

Design Analysis and Field Troubleshooting

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Flow-Induced Turbulence (FIT) Analysis
Flow-Induced Turbulence (FIT) Analysis (Vortex Shedding)

for High Kinetic Energy Flow

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Acoustic-Induced Vibration (AIV) Analysis
Acoustic Induced Vibration AIV Analysis (Acoustic Induced Excitation)

(Acoustic-Induced Excitation Analysis)

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An Integrated Approach to Manage Vibration Risks

Easily avoid integrity risks that result from many different sources.

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Vibration dampers, clamps, braces and absorbers to control vibration and stress.

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Subsea Piping Vibration

For new and existing systems

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Pipe Support Stiffness, GMRC Project

Improving Piping System Reliability

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