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Webinar: Turning the Screw

How to control screw compressor pulsation

Join our free webinar on Wednesday, 20 June 2018 and learn how to minimise the risk of vibration-related failures on screw compressor packages.

We will discuss vibration and pulsation effects from screw compressors, supported with a case study involving oil-flood screw compressor packages.

By the end of the session you will learn about:

  • The initial assessment and shell-mode vibration measurements
  • Simulation results and solutions to reduce pulsation-induced forces and vibration response
  • Implementation of recommendations and resolution of the problem
  • Lessons learned and best practices to avoid pulsation problems in new and existing installations

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Screw compressors in industrial applications compress large volumes of gas at high ratios. This rotary-type positive-displacement process creates a steadier flow than reciprocating compressors, but the risks of vibration and fatigue failure remain.

Purchasers and operators of screw compressors can apply the recommendations presented in this webinar to minimise the risk of vibration-related failures on screw compressor packages.

Who should attend
This webinar is relevant to packagers, project managers overseeing the design or retrofit of screw compressor installations as well as owners and operators.

A certificate of attendance that may be submitted for professional development hour (PDH) credits* will be provided upon request at the end of the session.

The session will take approximately 60 minutes.

*This webinar is intended to assist participants in retaining and expanding their knowledge base. Wood will provide a certificate of completion for attending the webinar. Acceptance as professional development hours is at the discretion of the organisation that receives the submittal.

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